What is a Business Cashback Rebates Site?

Where you receive cashback for purchases your business or company makes online. Business cashback sites can be used by businesses who buy their travel, stationery and other supplies online.

Business Cashback Sites

Do you run a small business or purchase products and services for your business online? Are you responsible for buying stationery, travel itineraries, computer equipment, ink cartidges, or any other office products for your company? Sometimes you can negotiate discounts with business suppliers and retailers directly by telephone, especially if you bulk buy, however, it can be difficult to get these discounts, especially if you are a smaller working operation or just starting out.

Now you can use a cashback site to get rebates on your purchases. These websites include listings of a variety of business suppliers such as Staples, Dell Business, 3M, FedEx, Office Depot, Viking Direct, Maplin, Vistaprint, various ink suppliers, printers, and many more. Even if you have negotiated discounts with your business supplier it could be worthwhile finding out if you could get more cashback compared to that discount with your same supplier or with another supplier.

How do I get Business Cashback?

It's a very simple process. Firstly you need to register with one of the cashback sites listed below which offer a good range of online retailers who cater for business and office supplies. You can find out exactly how much cashback or rebates your business could receive with each order you make by looking at the percentages detailed on these websites. When you need to make a purchase for your business, you just have to log in to the cashback site you registered with and find the supplier you wish to buy from on the site. Click the link to that supplier and make your purchase as per usual. The transaction should track back to your account with the cashback site and within a small time period you should see a figure for the cashback rebate you have earned.

You do have to wait for this cashback to become 'confirmed' by the cashback site (this is to take into account any cashback reversals caused by issues such as product returns) and then you can claim payment, if the site does not offer it automatically. It's a great way to get money back on your everyday and essential business purchases and orders, with very little extra effort on your part other than to remember to log in to your cashback site account and clicking a link to your supplier. Before you do any online shopping for your business or for yourself, check to see if you can earn cashback rebates on it first.

If you would like to learn a little more about how cashback sites work in general please read our guide to cashback sites.

What we aim to do below is highlight and review the best cashback sites for business cashback. We have separated the sites by country so that you can easily see if the reviewed cashback site serves your country or not, just look out for your flag!

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US/CAN Business Cashback

Mr Rebates

Mr Rebates is one of our recommended cashback sites which lists a very good range of business and office suppliers, the majority of which are usefully listed in their own separate category - 'Business/Office'. This makes it easy for you and your business to find your supplier and earn cashback when you make a purchase. The site also lists a number of special deals and vouchers which can be used too. The site is professionally run, has a pleasant design, and is simple to use. As with all cashback sites you have to wait for your cashback to be confirmed before it is paid to you. Payments can be made to your confirmed Paypal account or by check. It is, in our opinion, one of the best cashback sites for business wth a lot of cashback opportunities for small businesses and individuals. Plus it is totally free to join and start earning rebates!
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UK Business Cashback

Top Cashback is certainly one of the best cashback websites in the UK, which offers a very good range of online office and business suppliers, including Viking, Staples, Dell Small/Medium Business, and Office Giant. These suppliers are handily categorised on the site directory under 'Office & Business' making them easy to find. It is free to sign up and use this website, and it has an attractive and user-friendly interface. You are paid your cashback once it has been confirmed and then becomes "Payable". You have to submit a payment request and you can choose to receive your cashback rebates by BACS, Amazon vouchers (with a 5% added bonus) or by Paypal. Sign up here...

If you know of any other cashback sites that have a good range of online retailers for business or are dedicated to giving cashback to business please let us know here. Thanks.

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