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Our aim is to give you the best, independent, and up to date reviews of cashback sites, paid survey sites, free competition sites, free lotteries and free game sites. We've been using and reviewing these sites for ten years now, since 2005, and have compiled a comprehensive list of legitimate sites, aimed at helping you to distinguish the best from the rest, and help you to avoid any potential scam sites.

We've categorised the websites by country or region in the menu on the left to help you identify those most relevant to you, or you can click on your country's flag below for more information.
UK reward sites  USA reward sites  Canadian paid surveys  Australian reward sites  Ireland paid surveys  EU sites We hope that you find the reviews here helpful, if you've any comments let us know here.

What are Cashback Sites?

CashbackCashback sites reward you when you shop online with money back (cashback) or reward points. Some also reward you for high street shopping. If you do a lot of online shopping and like the idea of cashback or free rewards, then these sites are made for you! There are lots to choose from, so read our cashback site reviews to help you decide.

trusted information We've written a guide to cashback sites where you can learn more about them and find out what to look for in a good cashback site.

What are Paid Survey Sites?

markt researchMarket research companies run online opinion panels where you are rewarded in some way for giving your thoughts on a variety of topics, products, and brands in their paid surveys. These consumer panels give you a fantastic opportunity to voice your opinion on almost anything and receive free rewards in return for your valuable time. You get to help shape future products and services, and say what you think about existing ones.

trusted information We've put together a trusted guide to paid survey sites which gives you a bigger idea of what these opinion panels are about, how to participate in them and what best practice is. This guide also deals with survey site scams and helps you to differentiate between scam sites and legitimate paid surveys.

You can trust our reviews Read our paid survey site reviews here on The Cashback Express and discover the trustworthy panels and those to avoid. We list the best paying survey sites and the paid survey sites you can trust. Check out your country's survey site reviews for more info.

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We review Free Online Competitions and Free Competition Sites

enter free competitionsWe all like to win free prizes, like a free holiday, a free gadget, or a free cash prize! So we list free UK competitions where you can win super prizes just like these. If you live in the USA, have a look at the free American contests and sweepstakes we've listed. We also review other free competition sites where you have chances to win something for free.

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We review Free Online Lotteries

We review some of the best free lottery sites, which cost you nothing to participate in, but give you the chance to win stuff for free!