More Paid Survey Sites in the USA

Some more decent paid survey sites and online consumer panels in the USA listed here as well as some that you may wish to avoid.

US websites

More USA Paid Survey Websites

We have listed below some more paid survey sites in the USA. This page details websites that are perhaps not as rewarding or professional or reliable as those shown on page 1, which lists the best USA paid survey sites, and some websites that are ones to avoid, at least for now. Again, don't forget that you can learn more about how online survey sites work by reading our revealing guide to paid surveys.

If you have any comments about these reviews or would like to suggest another site to be considered for inclusion on this page please let us know.

Paid Survey Sites in the USA we do not currently recommend

These are sites that either appear inactive, untrustworthy or are potential scams.


not ratednot ratednot ratednot ratednot rated QSample claims to be an international survey website which on the face of it appears to offer good rewards in return for members completing surveys. The site design is clumsy and has not been updated in all our time as members of the site. We cannot recommend it until we have received a survey, completed it and received payment for it, and we have been a member for well over two years! It is possibly aimed more at North American users, but we have never received a good report about the site.

MBS Internet

not ratednot ratednot ratednot ratednot rated MBS Internet was an American based "paid survey site" that claimed to offer you more survey opportunities and rewards in the form of cash, prizes and entries into prize draws. Even though the site was poorly designed and looked like a bit of a scam survey site we signed up to test if that was the case. We never recommend this site and warned our readers about it. We never received a survey invitation nor any kind of direct communication. The site no longer appears to exist so this is a reminder to be aware of possible scam sites and to read our reviews to find the most trustworthy paid survey panels.

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